Frequently asked questions are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

Are you registered?

Yes. our registration number is 2269750 under the cooperate affair commission.

Do I get any form of discount ?

Of course yes in as much you require more than one of our services.

How long those it take for my job to be ready?

Irrespective of what service you require(from web development, to graphic design and all), it only takes about 2 weeks, this time limit is require for nothing but the best result. however, larger projects may demand larger time frame, which will be pre-stated during the contract phase.

How much does it cost to get a web

Basically, it depend on the kind of website in question, the time frame for the project completion, etc... However, we work with almost any budget

How do I manage my site?

As part of our policy, we understand the essence of an up and running site and as such webtech&more will take responsibility for the maintainance at no extra cost, for as long as the web structure does not require to be changed.

How do I host my site?

We are glad to handle that on behave of our clients

What is the difference between a static web and a dynamic web?

A static website will basically not require user input for it to perform as a website. Its basically intended just to provide information to it users ... on the other hand, for a dynamic website, user input are required and as such provides personal content based. e.g the content displayed to mr. A, will vary from that of mr.B as the case might be. e.g facebook, gmail etc.!