A successful digital project requires careful analysis, strategic planning and professional support, combined with your company needs & goals.


It's very important to have a clear, visible and coherent identity to let your stakeholders know what you're all about. We can help you develop this.

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Simple website development

Clean, professional bespoke website produced for clients all over the world.

Ecommerce Solutions

Create an effective market online, we have got you covered

Content management project

Joomla, Drupal, wordpress etc... Lets be your set up robot :)

Search engine optimization

Need your website listed on google? we can do that for you

Web technology consultation

Confused? Talk to us, we are professionals and here to help.

Budget friendly

Its simple, we work with almost any budget, from start ups to large organizations

Networking services and solutions

We love helping people. And we take pride in giving our clients an effective, high-quality product.


    With this service, all that is needed to make a call is internet connectivity. A service like this would yield maximum savings on call rates. In short, as long as internet is available, there is no need to pay exorbitantly on calls.


    We employ a more advanced form of CCTV, utilizing digital video recorders (DVRs), which provides recording for possibly many years, with a variety of quality and performance options and extra features (such as motion detection and email alerts).


    We apply a unique form of bonding Technology, that bonds and merges several internet services into one, thereby eliminating the possible to downtime to 0; request a free trial today..


    For all your server problems and installation issues webtechandmore is well equiped to undertake such course on your behave.